The Breaking Bad Bonus

Walter-WhiteWe’ve all had bosses that paid out lousy bonuses. Well this story might just make you grateful for that “Jelly of the Month Club” bonus you got last year. In a true Walter White fashion, one boss in Minnesota actually paid his employees’ bonuses in the form of meth.jesseseifert

Minnesota Clear Choice Auto Body Repair shop owner Jesse Seifert, 40, paid each of his employees a bonus of “approximately one half gram of methamphetamine.” According to the Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force press release, one of these employees reported the bonus to the authorities. (Presumably this employee was hoping for a cash bonus, but maybe they just expected more than a half gram?) When the Task Force Agents executed a search warrant the next day, they found “used syringes which field tested positive for the presence of methamphetamine”. The case is still under investigation, and charges are pending.

So if you’re still unhappy with your Christmas bonus, just remember, it could have been paid out in lethal mixture of paint thinner and battery liquid.

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