Woman pummels boyfriend with vehicle, caught on tape

A woman was caught on video surveillance driving straight at a cyclist and accelerating  upon approach. The man was launched off of his bicycle and did several flips in the air before landing straight on the pavement.

The driver was later identified as Misty Lee Wilke of Phoenix, AZ. Reports say that she was enraged after finding out that her boyfriend, the victim, had tested positive for HIV. According to reports the victim was identified as Joseph Valva. Valva sustained a fractured back and serious head injuries in the incident.

Mugshot of Misty Lee Wilke
Misty Lee WIlke

After the accident, Wilke contacted authorities to report the accident. Wilke claimed that they had been in some sort of domestic dispute and that Valva had attacked her with a pocket knife. Upon arrival a minor cut was found on Wilke’s arm. Wilke told authorities that she knew she hit someone but didn’t realize it was Valva.

Wilke is now in custody with Phoenix authorities and faces two counts of aggravated assault, attempted murder, and leaving the scene of an accident.

Sources indicate Wilke will plead not guilty to the slew of charges racked up in the incident.



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