Oregon Man Finds Porta-Potty Filled With Pot And Doesn’t Smoke It

An Oregon man stumbled upon a Porta-Potty filled with Marijuana last Thursday while walking his Dog in Rogue River, Oregon. Although recreational pot use is legal in Oregon this man decided to turn it over to police in lieu of opening his own dispensary.

Weed abandoned in Porta-Potty in Rogue River
Weed abandoned in Porta-Potty in Rogue River

Social media responded to this mans missed business opportunity David Rankin commented:

Another concerned citizen was equally clever commenting:

What would Rogue River be without concerned citizens like Amber Tyler?

Unfortunately for Amber the Rogue River Police Department took matters into there own hands the following day making the following post.

So whether the weed was shitty or not we will never know but we can at least rest assured that Rogue River Public Parks will be mulched with Marijuana!




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