Sanford exonerated after serving 9 years in prison

Justice has finally been established for Davontae Sanford nearly a decade after confessing to a quadruple murder that he did not commit and serving nine years in prison he has officially been exonerated and released.

Mugshot of Davonte Sanford
Sanford exonerated after serving 9 years for a quadruple homicide

Sanford’s sentence of up to 90 years was forgiven by Wayne County Judge Brian Sullivan, according to statements by Dykema Gossett law firm. Sanford followed the advice of legal counsel and confessed to committing the quadruple murder back in 2007.

Just two weeks after Sanford’s original sentencing of 90 years professional hitman Vincent Smothers confessed to the crime. Unfortunately for Sanford it took about eight years to undo his false confession. The lawyer who counseled him to confess to the crimes has since been suspended from the practice of law.

Vincent Smothers, Professional Hitman
Professional Hitman Vincent Smothers confessed to the quadruple homicide

Sanford was 14 at the time of his conviction and now walks away exonerated after spending a third of his life in the Michigan State Penitentiary.

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