Sausage wielding Neo Nazis attack vegan cafe

Apparently in some parts of the world, vegan cafes are a hot target of Neo Nazi skinheads. On Sunday, a mob of right wing extremists attacked the patrons of a vegan cafe in Tbilisi, Georgia with slabs of meat and fish.

Facebook / Kiwi Cafe
Facebook / Kiwi Cafe

The Kiwi Cafe, pictured above, caters to vegans, hipsters and foreigners which angers a lot of local residents. In fact, some of the cafe’s neighbors appeared to be in support of this neo nazi mob’s hatred with one business owner telling Vice “I do not like that Kiwi place…They put things in their hair, their skin…” Kiwi Cafe wrote on Facebook: “Locals took the side of the fascists just because in their view we are ‘different.'”

When the mob of 10-15 men showed up wearing sausages around their necks, they started hitting patrons with slabs of meat and throwing food everywhere. One patron was struck over the head with a walking stick while other were dragged into the street where a small brawl commenced. Only minor injuries were reported and the mob fled before the police showed up. No one has been arrested and Kiwi Cafe has stated that they will not be intimidated by these hateful people and will continue to operate and promote peace and equality.

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